Meet the founder of Nolaskinsentials


Founder Jane Ormon speaks to beautydistro about how she started the vegan skincare brand Nolaskinsentials.

How was Nola born - what inspired you to create it?

Nolaskinsentials started in 2017, wow…I can’t believe it’s already been three years. The sole reason it was created because I was overwhelmed with the current state of my skin and the lack of results, I had with prescribed acne medications. My money was going down the drain literally, so I took matters into my own hands and here we are today. The success of Nolaskinsentials still shocks me.


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your beauty experiences? 
Having oily-acne prone skin, I used to brutally struggle with breakouts to the point that I never wanted to go in public without makeup; it was an insecurity that I wanted to fix, so I created a daily routine with my products. My staple routine includes my Skin Smoothie cleanser, Witches Brew toner, Rise & Shine moisturiser and Iconic elixir. Of course, I can’t forget to exfoliate, I use Eden Glow scrub daily.


Why do you recommend vegan, plant-based beauty products over anything else?

Honestly, everything we needed was naturally placed here on this Earth, and although animals are included, it’s been proven that incorporating a plant-based lifestyle leads to healthier living. And not to sound science–y, but the skin is the largest organ on our bodies so what we put in and, on our body, is important. Plus, we don’t need animals in our skincare/beauty products – period.


What does a day in the life of Jane looks like?

The day in the life of Jane: My mornings are my divine time, meaning I pray and meditate, clean my crystals, workout and feed my animals. Then, it’s off to work where I check my emails, assign inventory tasks, and have meetings with influencers and staff. Sounds pretty easy but trust me… my days are beautifully hectic. Once I’m home, I spend time with my partner and animals while cooking and then bedtime.

What has been the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur?

Whew, where do I begin?! Entrepreneurship has been rewarding but there are many sacrifices to be made along the way. The work-life balance is totally different from a 9-5 because you have to be extremely self-motivated… there’s no managers to remind you of deadlines…you truly have to be self-sufficient.

Less time with family was one thing I had to adjust to and friends not understanding my super busy schedule. Also, building my business from the ground up while self-funding everything was difficult…even down to building a team, because I had to trust others with my ideas; literally being vulnerable with my baby

But the freedom of working from home…or the beach…or the Eiffel Tower (one day) made me feel lavish. I live according to my own rules, and I get to change or create new ones along the way.

Where do you get the inspiration from to create new products?

My inspirations come directly from my Nolababes. Honestly, their bright ideas and suggestions keep me on my toes. They are always commenting on IG and Twitter of products they want to see in the future.

How is the formulation of products for black/brown skin different to the formulation of products for other skin types?

One of our best sellers, Passion Fruit Hyperpigmentation Soap, was specifically made to combat dark marks on black/brown skin. It’s gentle on our skin and targets only the problem areas like acne and scar marks. I wanted to create products that didn’t counteract with darker complexion skin types, which is why all of our products are plant-based. I researched endlessly on what ingredients worked well against aging, dark marks, acne… you name it, I studied it. Being a black woman, I am aware of how skincare products catered for us by us is so important to the culture. I’m so happy to be a part of this movement!

What advice would you give to people who would like to become an entrepreneur in the beauty industry?

Pray on it and execute! Make that website and IG account! Use ALL your resources and connect with people that already have similar business models. The hardest part is getting started, once you cross that threshold, the sky is the limit!




Written by: beautydistro

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